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          Thorough investigation of the crackdown, the highlight of 2016 11 Summary of the pharmaceutical industry


          Pharmaceutical drug prices change from flame commercial inspection, to verify the consistency from clinical evaluation and verification process, the face of wave after wave of consolidation and thorough investigation of the crackdown, from manufacturers to the pharmaceutical business and distribution customers, not all of them easily . Industry consolidation is also a shuffle, how to be more standardized, compliance, enhance the professional operation and risk prevention and control capabilities, the future can be based on long-term, healthy development.

          What new highlights future


          1. Miho unity and a new health insurance


          Miho one process, only part of the past into the health insurance or insurance of agricultural products equivalent to an increase of the scope of application, have the opportunity to continue the expansion of sales. Medicare will also open a new round of adjustment will only become more tighter, who can get tickets on priority victory by half.

          2. serious illness Medicare to negotiate with the State

          Some high product prices on the cost of catastrophic insurance and folded into the parts of the health insurance directory, in return for the market, but the short-term treatment costs starting monomer easily hundreds of thousands, if fully liberalized use of Medicare funding pressures increased sharply. With existing products in the treatment of clinical efficacy and cost differences are more worthy of further exploration, scientific ladder formed orderly administration system. Avoid drugs and other groups to promote the project directory given product of life and death, wealth and drug-selling remote village scene appeared.

          3. Treatment and grading channel sink

          Implementation of grading clinic will also drive the group of non-drug based products and channels sinking, especially in low-value products and oral medication. For emphasis on grassroots terminal sales business is a major positive, enjoying rich dividends.

          4. First-aid women and children, the new high-handsome rich?

          National sound of a bargain, chic suave direct aid women and children hanging on to become the lucky star Aoyama clear water between the times really cool. Flowers of the motherland will usher in a more child-specific medication and dosage forms of the specifications, of course, Baba Ma Ma's bill also bullish, reasonable and moderate enough to avoid simply change forms and specifications, prices soar. And this is precisely the three groups of medical expenses the largest three blocks.


          5. specialist medicine, therapeutic drug golden age

          Adjuvant and antibiotics is limited, specific medicines and therapeutic drug usher in the golden age. But for the first two also need scientific treatment, not overly demonized, still need a reasonable application to play its role effectively, it is necessary to suppress over-range, ultra-dose, effective control of excessive use. Should effectively promote the rational use of drugs, to avoid entering a variety of product applications excessive encouraged category, a new subject of abuse; and access to a restricted directory sideline products, alternative treatment options class but more expensive, more long cure cycle.

           6. Pieces of Chinese medicine formulations and granules

          The State Council attaches great importance to promoting the development of Chinese medicine for such products is extremely good. Pieces of Chinese medicine is not canceled bonus, higher than the drug addition, local primary health care institutions have added traditional Chinese medicine, will also drive the industry surging. But this area was mixed, adhere to quality-oriented operation, the system has a network marketing business will be the ultimate winner in the market.

          7. not heard, especially health food

          State July 1 start special approval and registration of health food, health food is not special account for the proportion of the drug, which can effectively complement all kinds of nutrients needed by the body, with the promotion of rehabilitation and other rehabilitation function, common foreign application. If the drugs do tired, worth a try.

          8. equipment and other supplies other brothers

          Future continue to reduce the proportion of the drug, multi-legged walking is always a better choice. Regionalization and test center in the next rise will probably drive test kits, supplies running all the way. While only commercial, but also to adhere to the real data, test reliability, integrity and development of the bottom line, to avoid becoming a source of excessive medical and culprit.

          9. outpatient infusion OUT, who is happy?

           In addition to oral products, naturally, intramuscular injection products. Pharmaceutical companies spent nearly ten years to cultivate the market into large infusion infusion forest, will also return to safe medication, progressive theme, to oral, intramuscular not; intramuscular injection can not infusion. Just return to the road came a bit late.

          10. The separation of medicine and retail development

          Allowing more patients to choose the hospital with drugs or purchased at discharge, whether this is the opportunity for the retail industry? Only say Maybe, but not sure.

          Still mention Medicare outpatient and hospital reimbursement disparities threshold and ratio, the future if the total abolition of medicine addition, the retail industry, there no place? The patient took the prescription in the purchase of medicines outside the hospital, let the staff recommendation, replaced by other products, it can guarantee the treatment effect? If the online purchase of medicines, suffered counterfeit or substandard drugs, patients who can help identify problems and eliminate the risk?

          11. The path pay and health insurance payments

          Still exploring the country, there is no final conclusion. As long as a minority enterprise high PR pie fight, many companies look to the moon no parts on OK.


          To the people lower drug prices, the pharmaceutical companies are also quite a fight, but at least let the enterprises to healthy survival and development, can not allow drug prices streaking cause job losses, businesses shut down. Floor price of immediate concern drug prices, medical costs can still run in the bass bass. Countries in the development and implementation related to major initiatives related industries, industries and enterprises of the recommendations and observations also like him to listen to and absorb, professional thing to do professional people.

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